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Leave out Bangaram Telugu film evaluate and rating

launch Date: January 24, 2014
Editor rating: 1.Five / five
Director: Jovi
Product: Maruthi - Vallabh
track Director: Mahith Narayan
Starring: Rahul, Sravya ...


Akash (Rahul) coronary heart individual who acts as an assistant director of Celkon telephones. Son of a respected and helped the poor. He comes throughout Meenakshi (Sravya) and the falls. Because it takes place, his father Akash Meenakshi and father had been political rivals, and that they oppose unwell dating.Akash Meenakshi and makes a decision to stay existence for your own terms and determine to marry. Travelling to Hyderabad after he have become the director of the Akash. Existence appears accurate for some time and become newly married to a laugh.After passing 12 months, on the grounds that Meenakshi bored and decided to join the software program corporation. The employer is complete of hungry maniac sex with promiscuous (yes, that is exactly what the director of the film are proven). , insecurity and absence of self belief within the head of the fun and Akash started to suspect his spouse. Meenakshi suspicious conduct no matter either. But there may be a strong motivation in the back of the conduct of Meenakshi. What's the motivation? What marriage of Akash Meenakshi and existence? What is the tale, "I Bangaram"

Plus points:

Actress Sravya appearance true within the crew. The final 20 minutes of the movie has a certain novelty fee and the director managed to create some interest many of the target market with this order. There is a person named fb and managed to convey some laughs with "develop up" comedy scene.

Minus points:

"I Bangaram" should be one movie dumbest bias has been published recently. Banner, which include the prestigious innovative commercial enterprise need to think twice earlier than putting his name on a film like this. The film changed into no longer even 2nd-magnificence, it beyond.Jokes view for adults to simply be treated within the proper way, in any other case it's no fun, obscene and insupportable, and that's precisely what occurred with "I Bangaram. The proportion of the bad , horrible writing a horrific situation and implementation gross traits that movie became.
Rahul needs to improve its performance extensively communicate, has the ambition to be triumphant and actor. No change of voice and transport of fee to the talk about the movie.
There are quite a few songs within the movie. In truth, it's nearly as though a few scenes have been delivered to the track and video wirelessly. The unhappy element is that not one of the songs have a superb influence of the extent of viewers.The vulgarity within the movie just thoughts-numbing. Staff and different forms of software program are hungry stray.

Technical components:

The film industry could be very bad, even a small price range film standards. Liberation true. Narayan song Mahith now not very marvelous and as a end result the background will now not permit the movie in any manner.Govt Jovi hideous. We need to realise that the person jokes and showed no dangerous pores and skin industrial fulfillment when there may be a story to save it. Omit Bangaram Telugu film overview and rating


"I Bangaram" is a film that ensures to deliver within the head. It is applied in a totally awful movie according with the requirements of quality and technical performance of C bad. Stay away from this film, except you want to appearance awful film of educational interest.

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