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Emo Gurram Egaravachu Telugu movie review and score

release Date: January 25, 2014
author rating: 2.25 / five
Director: Chandra Siddhartha
Product: Sudhir Kumar Poodhota
song Director: Eng. M. Keeravani
Championship: Sumanth, Pinky Savika ..


Bullabbai (Sumanth) is a easy one that had most effective ambition in lifestyles. Desperately wants to take away the 10th general tests, his attempt at 15. He had an awesome coronary heart and lived in a small village in japanese Godavari.Neelaveni (Savika be Pinki) is Maradalu of Bullebbai and non-resident Indians who came to the village to go to , Her parents need her to marry a man with a properly-established class of his own family. Neelaveni stopping many capacity suitors and that makes him so parents.To pressure and decided to Bullebbai. Dad and mom taken aback, but they finally agreed to the suggestion and the marriage is occurring in style. Bullebbai soon realizes that the marriage of convenience.
Make Bullebbai Neelaveni and travel to the united states and Neelaveni factor very clear. It begins searching out Mr. Perfect, and ultimately want to marry a physician Indian lovely and wealthy. She is working to grow to be a physician, and appearance Bullebbai unfortunate. But, Neelaveni soon realizes that this form of heart Bullebbai who absolutely like it.
Neelaveni what would he do now? She will damage her engagement? Bullebbai what to do? This is a story "emo Gurram Egaravachu".

Plus points:

Sumanth appearance accurate on film. Pinki Savika appears ok and decent overall performance. The film begins in the degree of pretty respectable, and good things in the first 20 minutes.
Thagubothu Ramesh S.S.Kanchi and attempt to infuse some humor within the proceedings, with constrained success. Harsha Vardan Annapurnamma and has a completely restrained position, however they have got achieved what is required of them. Keeravani try to lift the movie all via himself with an awesome rating and historical past music.

Low points:

The story of the movie may be very vintage and stale. After the first 20 mins, the movie began to nosedive and pics by no means virtually recovered. Management is very poor and eventualities in addition woes.Sumanth who are extra secure with the overall performance of the actual and mature. On this movie, he stated, the power degree of synthetic and a long way sungsate Godavari. One may surprise why the music sporting girl getup may additionally have a unusual look in his efforts outfit.Regardless of, Pinki Savika sharp fashion seem relaxed in the role of a woman Telugu. What you want to go to Thai actress? There is nothing in records that justify this film selection.The in no way ought to entice viewers effectively at any time. There may be a big separation among the movie and the views and the plot is beyond become probably why. Within the subject of commercial enterprise like this, and that they want a terrific stage of entertainment. On this film, almost the entertainment quotient zero.People expects accurate feelings and exciting to reflect onconsideration on the sequence of Chandra Siddhartha. This movie did not have. Emo Gurram Egaravachu Telugu movie evaluate and score

Technical elements:

Cinema is pretty good. Meeting does no longer upward push. There are numerous doors and soar and shift now not easy. The end result is a excellent heritage and Keeravani has one hand raised with some perspectives of the work.The Chandra Siddhartha is disappointing. This isn't the kind of movie that one may count on from the director-win.


Emo Gurram Egaravachu "ended up because the film predictable and previous. Very sluggish and the lack of entertainment and poor performance within the container office. If you're partial to Chandra Siddhartha, you may be sorely disenchanted.

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