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Digital Shake Telugu movie assessment and score

release Date: January 24, 2014
Editor rating: 2/five
Director: Suresh Kumar
Product: Jaisan pulikottil - Vince mangadan
song Director: Manikanth
Starring: Prince, Sethu, Richa Panai, Disha Pandey

I (Seto) dealing with director of a big actual property organization. Mythili (Richa Panai) spouse of Jay and that they have a superb courting. Jay three partners inside the network, and do now not have a excellent record popularity.On apart, Shiva (the prince) wildlife photographer. It comes via Lasya (Disha Pandey) and drops them. Lasya occur in Jay Shiva companies and try to discern out while Disha.Just romantic approximately to take off, something terrible occurs Lasya this infuriates Shiva. Seek to avenge the three partners are a part of the corporation's Jay. As opposed to directly committing crimes, Shiva Jay decides to use for this reason. He blackmails Jay and the group killed three companions, one one.Shiva what's it? What Jay pay attention? This is a story, "Maya Manasunu Seyakey".
Plus points:
in the second half of of the movie is barely large, compared with the first. There are a few scenes where it is to hold an detail of suspense. Prince has a good individual in this film, and that i justice to the function. Disha Pandey, seems precise and has achieved a respectable job.
The film became shot in some locations too. Manasunu Maya Seyakey Telugu film evaluation and rating
Minus factors:
Seto is a super obligation to this film. Jay is a very critical man or woman for the movie, but Seto did not do justice to this position. In the first half of the movie was a big loss, nearly nothing takes place in this phase. Records is not very advanced situations and makes it worse.There is a logical flaw inside the tale. It has been postponed views well.Many not prove emotional components of the tale within the Tamil model of the film. As a end result, the lip sync to drag the reset lost vote. The movie is also a chunk too long, in particular to climax.Enjoyment holds the movie is simply too low.
Technical aspects:
For low price range movie, cinematography is enormously suitable. A few have selected the suitable location for songs and directors to get very well. True key points, however it was respectful it's too bad in some scenes.The assembly. Write and prepare not up to speed. Manager can not hold effectively for the gain of visitors.
"Manasunu Seyakey Maya" is a run of the mill movie. Inside the first half of of the poor, and the lack of leisure and taste Tamil destroy the viewing experience. Prince did his exceptional, but he did now not boost the status of the film style. The movie can be prevented appropriately

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